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"I've been taking bass guitar lessons from Scott Castonguay for 3 1/2 years.  During that time I've come to know and respect Scott for his talent, professionalism, and broad knowledge of music.  His friendly, patient manner puts students at ease, which makes learning fun and rewarding.  And when you're struggling, Scott provides just the right words of encouragement to keep going.  Even though the six-string guitar is Scott's go-to instrument, he can teach bass just as well.  On top of that it's amazing how well he's acquainted with a variety of musical styles -- blues, R&B, swing, pop, jazz, country, Latin, reggae, etc.  If you're looking to learn guitar or electric bass or to take your skill to the next level, Scott is your man.  A great teacher, indeed!"

Tom Welle

“I have been taking lessons from Scott for about four and a half years.   At the time of my first lesson I was an advanced beginner in that I knew how to play most open and some barre chords, and I could strum some simple songs.  Up to that point, I had learned everything off the internet.  My main problem was that I was very rhythmically challenged.  Not only could I not keep a beat, I could not even figure out the rhythm of a song.  Today, thanks to Scott, I play in a band, sometimes as the rhythm guitarist and sometimes as lead.  I still have much room for improvement, but I am now confident that I can play and contribute to the band, even if it is the first time I have heard a song.


Scott is an incredible musician, but he is so easy going and his teaching style is very supportive.  In addition to fixing my rhythm problems, I have learned advanced jazz chord voicings, soloing ideas, different picking styles and music theory, including all the modes and scales.  I recommend Scott whether you are a beginner or advanced guitarist and regardless of the style of music that you are interested.  Scott can play and teach them all.”


Sam Wheeler

“Scott has been awesome from day one! Both my son and I have greatly benefited from his wealth of knowledge, patience, flexibility, and great ear. I am a beginning student with only six months under my belt. I am very pleased with my developing skills under Scott's watchful eye. With the current social distancing limitations, online lessons are still five star. I couldn't give higher recommendations!”


Julie Anderson

"Ever since I started taking lessons from him, Scott has helped me improve greatly. He is a really nice guy, but he isn’t afraid to call you out if you’re too distracted and messing around. He keeps you focused on learning the basics and improving your skills at a manageable pace, but if you really want to learn an obscure technique or a specific song, he’ll make sure you learn that too. When he noticed that I played electric guitar like a bass, he recommended that I switch to bass. I did that, and I discovered that I really enjoyed it. Scott also advised me on how to find people to play with and how to find gigs. He has introduced me to different styles of playing and bass players who I had never heard of but have come to really like. In short, whether you’re just getting started or have been playing for a while, you’ll definitely learn a lot from taking lessons with Scott.”


Ethan O'Connor

"I highly recommend Scott Castonguay as a guitar teacher. He is highly trained in theory and technicality when it comes to music. When training he delves into the essence of music and allows the student to truly appreciate the instrument. Scott is particular fond of jazz music and is a very gifted jazz guitarist. He teaches jazz guitar in a way that helps the student have a better understand of improvising and syncopation. I guarantee every lesson will be a new and fun learning experience!"

Dryden Van Cleave

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